love and desire plague me day by day

I thought it ugly and wanted it go away
vulgar action done in a vulgar way
primitive nature and neanderthal creatures
shouting non-words and twisting facial features
makes it unlovely, uncouth, undignified, unsanctified
fighting within, love and logic cannot flow
when will she be ready, when will she know
when can he enter, when can he show
timing is off and rhythm is misplaced
he can’t see her mind, she can’t see his face
arms reach and miss, ending in disgrace

LA morning

light dawning
sparrows warbling
traffic honking
dogs walking
joggers jogging
officers ticketing
trucks towing
mowers mowing
lovers snoring
children stomping
palms rustling
coffee brewing
alarms alarming
day starting






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@dannyway had a birthday today, hope you had a great one Danny. I shot this many years ago. Photo: Brittain @dannyway #dannyway #dway #hstreet #planb #dcshoes @theskateboardmag #theskateboardmag #grantbrittain


@dannyway had a birthday today, hope you had a great one Danny. I shot this many years ago. Photo: Brittain @dannyway #dannyway #dway #hstreet #planb #dcshoes @theskateboardmag #theskateboardmag #grantbrittain

the fight to be 
to go from point A to point C
to grow from seed to sprout
to move to action from doubt

the space of now
makes way for the how
from question to answer
to graceful floating dancer

the work of others
wears out their druthers
lets no one learn faster
the ways of the master

I’m missing you this morning
missing the way you shine through the window
missing they way you look in my eyes
so plain, so fair, always in disguise

I’m missing you this day
when you shout in my face
using that city attitude and city accent
with poetry you bind my heart and fasten

I’m missing you this night
illuminating, gazing, glowing
in the dark you manage to get close
melting away the fear until we are foremost

I don’t know, I keep saying to myself
does it matter if it’s real or if it’s fake
contrived in the mind there’s all at stake
a heart lost in the catacombs of love
light and dark and red in between
living openly and living clandestine

not sure if I’ll meet you
not sure if I’ve seen you already
maybe in a dream
perhaps in a crowd

in the risk of not knowing
I’ve felt free and alive
if it is a lie then I don’t want truth
but does any lie ever give life?

less than an hour and I’m gone
less than a whisper and I’m deaf
less than all that and I’m lost

what does it mean when you are near? 
who am I that warrants attention? 
why does it have to be like this?

the world is so bleak and run amok
love is hidden in open fields
digging them up is hard when it’s paved over
jackhammer is the only way it can be found

the delicate seed sprout lies underground
waiting for the sun and waiting to be undone
from harnesses of fear and loathing
saving and saved it’ll be on that day

Cypress tree so high and tall
Standing proud, looking over us all
Shade sweet, shade small
Green as the greenest 
Swirly like the breeze
Curly queues 
Bristly branches

hovering over me like a cloud in a desert
parched soul soaked in heavenly presence
secrets revealed and I want more
not for knowledge, not for pleasure
only communion, solely the dance
time suspended 
nothing matters
except you
with me

how will I know?
will you be there? 
are we happy? 

when it happens, I will know
when you are there, I will smile
when we are together, I will laugh

I do this for you
all I say, all I am
it’s all because of you
all I want, all I need
no other reason but you
to exist, to breathe
in the end I will be with you
closer than ever, always forever